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The government is also investigating whether the online form is generating errors automatically that are contributing to the problem.

Walker could not say how long a fix will take but said the government is determined to address the delays and correct the source of the problem. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said her office is aware of parents who have been waiting months for birth certificates and people who are having difficulty obtaining death certificates for family members.

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Is there a shortage of staff who are supposed to be processing these requests. There are a lot of questions. Featured false. More Videos.

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Delays in birth, death, marriage certificates caused by high demand, online issues A sample long-form, polymer Ontario birth certificate. Source: Ontario.

What if my Ontario birth certificate is lost or stolen?

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OPINION: Ontario’s history of tampering and re-tampering with birth registration documents

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Bring your printed form with you, in case your closest Service Ontario does not have the updated forms yet. The online form to order birth certificates has not yet been updated to reflect the changes in birth registration. There are now three types of birth certificate: a short form birth certificate, a birth certificate with parental information, and a long form birth certificate. All are valid identification, but they include different information. Some passport applications require a long form birth certificate.

If you are unsure if you need a short form certificate, birth certificate with parental information, or long form certificate, please check with the Ministry, government agency, or person requesting the document before you order. Most families will need a long form birth certificate or a birth certificate with parental information for their child to prove parentage, but a short form birth certificate is used for every day purposes. Most LGBTQ families will need both a birth certificate with parental information and a long form birth certificate, and many families will want to order all three.

A short form birth certificate includes basic information and can be used as identification. It includes this information:. LGBTQ parents are more likely to encounter situations where they need a long form birth certificate to prove their relationship to their child. The long form birth certificate also has information revealing that a child has been adopted, though the information from their original registration is sealed and does not appear.

The long form birth certificate for people who are not adopted shows any changes to their registration, such as change of name or gender.

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To order the new Birth Certificate with Parental Information, you will need to write that onto the form at the bottom of page 1. On the bottom of page 1 you will find information about which birth certificates are available and the cost of each type.

Please share this information with friends and family — we need help getting the word out to everyone! Do not be surprised if staff helping you at ServiceOntario have not been informed that it is available.

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Fertility Preservation for Trans People. Join the Directory. Last Modified: Ordering Birth Certificates The online form for ordering birth certificates does not reflect the changes to parental recognition in Ontario.

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